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Do you know how stressed you are right now? How tense your body is? Have you paused at any point today to check in with yourself to see what your state is like? Do you know how to truly relax?

You’re not alone if you answered no to any or all of these questions.

We live in such a busy and overstimulated world that it’s so easy to get caught up, stressed out and overwhelmed — completely forgetting to give ourselves the rest or attention that we need.

Honestly, I believe this is a major reason why some people struggle at first with floating. We’ve lost touch with how to truly pause and relax on a deep level, or perhaps we have never had the opportunity to do it in the first place. It’s basically a universal recommendation across the industry to give yourself the chance to at least do 3 floats within about a month so that you can both get used to the unique environment of floating with the sensory deprivation and also learn to quiet your mind, slow your breathing and let go of all the tension in your body as you’re cradled in the warm, salty waters of the float pod, tank or cabin.

So it’s rare, but I see people try out one float session of 60 or 90 minutes and write it off immediately saying that it wasn’t for them or that they couldn’t relax and it was horrible. But, in my opinion, these are the people who truly need it the most.

When I first started floating regularly, I was very early on in my freelance career and first business, so I was petrified about being disconnected from my phone for that hour. What if there was an emergency? What if a client needed something from me and they’d fire me? What if???

It took a bunch of floats (probably far too many if I’m being honest) for me to truly settle in, let go of those fears and relax deeper into my float practice. Stress was alleviated, the anxiety dissolved away and I slowly over time started to peel back the layers of it all. Eventually, I realized just how much of all of this I had been carrying and a new baseline started to build for me throughout my day to day as I continued a regular float practice. I was not only more calm and centered, but also not being affected nearly as much when things went wrong or stressful situations arose.

When you’ve been living with so much stress in your body or mind for a long time, it’s easy to forget what it was like before that time.

You forget what it was like to feel relaxed.

You forget HOW to relax.

You forget that it is possible to get back again.

Floating is the tool to help you remember and get back to feeling how you were meant to, calm, focused, mindful, joyful, relaxed, pain-free, energized and so much more.

Please make sure that you don’t give up right away if you struggle with it as I promise the benefits have the opportunity to completely transform your health and your life.

It did for me and so many others.

It’s time for you to remember.

Time to float!

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