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I know what you’re probably thinking… is this really worth my time to lay back in salty water for an hour or more? Will I really get a better life from floating?

Yes, yes it is. You most definitely will.

Now, let me lay out for you why a regular float practice could be one of the best investments you make for yourself.

What’s causing a lot of your issues currently? Are you anxious? Stressed out? Dealing with pain or tension in your body? Tired and having trouble sleeping? Having issues focusing at work? Low mood or energy?

A single float session can help you start to tackle one or potentially all of these issues and more. If you continue with a regular practice every week or two, the benefits will build, play off each other and then start to compound.

It’s hard to really express just how impactful this can be across every area of your life when you start to tap into it for a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes we’ve been dealing with so much pain, tension, stress or anxiety that our baseline is way out of whack. We’ve forgotten where we’re at and how much less we can have with the right tools or practices.
  2. When we’re tired, stressed, anxious or dealing with other issues – it affects everything we do. It can prevent us from being at our best, truly being present to connect with others, or enjoying the good things because we’re tied up in and focusing on the struggles.
  3. There’s another compounding effect that happens when we start to show up at our best where we handle situations better, are more productive, in a better mood, which leads to less issues down the line and more enjoyment of it all.

The results can vary for a lot of different reasons, however many people report feeling in that post-float glow for about 24-48 hours after a single session.

It can take some time to learn how to relax on the deeper levels that are possible while floating.

That window stretches and gets better and better the more regularly you float where you can go a full week or more feeling way less stressed, more calm and present, focused and just happier.

So what’s the ROI of that?

In my eyes, it’s incalculable and worth far more than any float center charges for this unique and transformative practice, which is why I’ve had a weekly practice for more than 3 years now. It’s been one of the most important changes and practices that has drastically changed my life for the better in almost every way through these compounding effects.

This is your invitation to experience it for yourself.

Time to float and commit to a practice!

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Ready to try it yourself?

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